Express Entry

Express Entry

The Canadian Government uses the Express Entry system to manage the permanent residence applications of skilled immigrants who want to live and work in Canada. A key goal of the Express Entry system is to efficiently select foreign workers who have the skills and other characteristics needed to fill high-demand jobs in Canada and contribute to the economy.

The applicant who meets the qualifications for an eligible Canadian visa program should provide important details in their Express Entry profile online. Once an applicant is issued the ITA or Invitation to Apply, he or she is given sixty (60) days to submit the Canadian visa application, including the required documents and fees. Within 6 months, the applicant should receive a decision about whether the Canadian visa has been approved.

A skilled immigrant and his or her family members who receive approval for Express Entry immigration to Canada will be given permanent Canadian residency status, and are allowed to study, work, and live in Canada for an unrestricted amount of time. When someone is a permanent Canadian resident, he receives a lot of benefits: one of them being the option to become a Canadian citizen after three years of living in Canada during a five-year time period and meeting other qualifications.


Skilled foreign laborers can submit their applications for Express Entry immigration to Canada if they meet the requirements for one of the eligible Canadian visa programs:


Express Entry Application Process

Here is the general process for the Express Entry Canadian immigration application:

1.      Complete an Express Entry profile online.
a.      This includes important details of the applicant as well as his or her family members.
b.      Language Examination scores for English and/or French are required.
c.       Another requirement is an ECA or Education Credential Assessment

2.      An official from the Canadian immigration agency will review the profile for Express Entry to assess the potential qualifications.

3.      Once the criteria are met, the application will be moved to the Express Entry pool.

4.      The ITA or Invitation to Apply to become a permanent resident in Canada will be given to applicants who:
a.      Received an eligible offer of employment in Canada; or
b.      Have the top score for different factors on the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System; or
c.       Have been nominated by a province or territory in Canada for their PNP or Provincial Nominee Program.

5.      After the issuance of the Invitation to Apply, the applicant will be given sixty days to completely submit a Canadian visa application together with the governmental fee(s) and all the needed documents, which may include:
a.      Birth Certificate;
b.      Valid passport or authorized travel document;
c.       ECA or Education Credential Assessment;
d.      Language examination scores for the English and/or French language;
e.      Proof of educational attainment such as a degree, diploma, and transcript of records;
f.        Certificate of employment or any evidence of relevant job experience with regards to the eligible job;
g.      Police clearance or certificate, to show good character;
h.      Medical examination results, to show good health status;
i.        Proof of an offer for eligible employment in Canada;
j.        Proof of financial capability to support oneself as well has one’s family in Canada;
k.       Certificate of Provincial Nomination for a PNP (if relevant); or
l.        Any other documents that may be asked for.

6.      The Canadian immigration agency typically makes their decision about the approval or denial of an applicant’s Express Entry application in about 6 months after they receive the completed visa application.

Important Express Entry Information

When you are applying for Express Entry immigration to Canada, it is recommended to keep your Express Entry profile updated online. If you were able to receive an eligible Canadian employment offer, you should update your profile, because it may help you get an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

In the same way, you should also update your profile for Express Entry if you receive a Provincial Nomination for a PNP so that you can receive an ITA.

If you complete additional post-secondary education after you initially filed your Express Entry profile, you should update your profile, since you may be able to get more points on the Comprehensive Ranking System. For example, if you entered in your Express Entry profile that your highest level of education completed was a Bachelor’s Degree, but afterwards you earned a Master’s Degree or PhD, the Canadian immigration agency needs to be made aware of this in your Express Entry profile.

Lastly, it is vital to update your profile if you have an important status change, such as marriage or having a child.

Please keep in mind that this is just a general overview about the Express Entry Canadian immigration system and the regulations and procedures are subject to change by the Government of Canada.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not and should not be considered as expert or professional advice.


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